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International visitors

Group order of Finnish pirates to Assembly demoparty, general information

What: Huge demoparty, ~6000 visitors
When: Thursday - Sunday, August 2nd - 5th 2012
With whom: Finnish pirates
Where: Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland

Assembly is a demoparty and a lanparty held in Helsinki, Finland. It is one of the biggest such events in the world. These days it also incorporates gaming competitions and the magnificent ARTtech seminars where guests from hardware and software industries, technology startups, security experts, information society activists and artists around the world come to discuss various topics with the audience. For example, in summer 2010 John Buckman from EFF and Peter Sunde of TPB and Flattr had joint presentations and seminars at the party place.

Assembly is on around the clock from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August. It is normal for partygoers to spend their night at the party place in the designated sleeping areas. It's thus reasonable to bring a sleeping bag along, although it's of course okay to go sleep at some pirate's place as well.

Finnish pirates, both the party Piraattipuolue and the youth organisation Piraattinuoret, have partaken in Assembly together as a big group. Last year we had 66 computer seats which gave us a lot of visibility in the arena with all our banners and so on. We also hosted our own events and in general, had a bloody good time. :)

One can obviously get to Helsinki by airplane, but from Sweden and Estonia you may also easily travel by boat and from Russia by train.
International guests can arrive earlier than the fourth of August and also leave later that 7th; we Finnish pirates will gladly take care of your accommocation and arrange extra activities.

So, we'd love to have some international guests here. All the music, graphics, game and demo compos are lovely to follow but the sole feeling of having thousands of people who are quite like-mindedly interested in this stuff together is quite mind-blowing. Pirates fit here well.

If you're interested in joining our group order, please inform us on your participation by e-mail to Oliver Molini: oliver[AET]steptail.com or your international finnish pirate contact person, Joonas Mäkinen. We will gladly help you along with the travel arrangements.

More information about Assembly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assembly_(demo_party)